Surgical Strikes have me Spell bound…

I know it is little late in the day for the discussion, but I wanted to think it over before putting my thoughts out there. It is a mesmerizing issue; the sheer guts, the decision making, there was so much to ponder.

With the Dusshera festival, the promising weekend and a local hero movie I couldn’t put my thoughts in one place. Yes, I am a little self-obsessed like that.

Now, that’s an obsessively bloated statement. Why only me? All of us are a little Self-obsessed like that.

I have heard, Parliamentary and off-records discussion on the issue still continue. People are demanding video recordings of the strikes as proof. Well if they are still talking, then I must not be that late.

As for sharing video proofs; If I was in a competition and I knew one point will help me win, I wouldn’t share that answer with my best friend let alone my best enemy or strangers. How dare they expect me to lose my edge over others? I fully believe, that one answer will spread like wild fire in this age of high-speed internet and satellite.

But then again, that’s my-self-obsessed-self talking. Friendship does not support selfishness; nor opposition and sceptics. Of course, it is on the selfish interest of the ruling Government to not expose their tactics.

Thinking about this incident was an incessant debate in my head. I had to really take time out to think, as if concentrating on a spell. I am no political analyst, nor a war expert or a commentator on the country’s scenario. I know about war from what little I have read of the World War I, World War II and of course the Kargil war that happened when we were in VIII standard.

I got a glimpse of harshness and reality of the war, when we were asked to donate old clothes for the people in the war torn areas. Obviously, then the Social media was not around, so we couldn’t click pictures and share the truth of those torn, old, moth ball smelling, inadequate garments with the rest of the world.

I remember, the school even asked us for donations. Even I had extracted rupees 10 from my gullak for my country. I believed it was my responsibility, I couldn’t ask my parents. Now with 1600 students like me in school, our school would have managed to contribute Rupees 1600*10. That sum along with the torn clothes…

How long would it have sufficed? Well, that was some 17 years ago. That sum might have had some value then. Today?

I flicked through a few sites related to the Kargil war. I found out, at the end of the war, the number of soldiers we lost and the loss of infrastructure for us was double that of Pakistan.

The Indian population being much higher our comparatively better facilities, infrastructure, more development – its expected. The tax payer pays, country provides. We are bound to suffer more in numbers and quantity. But that won’t deter us. We can take up Pakistan any day!

We have our soldiers guarding the border. They will happily sacrifice their life for the country. They will, it’s in their blood. They have been trained for it.

But do I have the right to ask them to give away their life? When they will be making those strikes, I will either be sleeping or making breakfast for my family. We have to get on with our day, my husband has to earn bread for the family.

From World War I and II, I have learnt in situations of war, prices go high, commodities become limited, emergencies and conditions are applied on day to day living – to name just a few basics. How will I manage in those cumbersome hours?

The soldiers are fighting some 3000 km away in cold, remote areas, why will our life be put to discomfort? Why would we be feeling the heat with power cuts, poor water supply and the likes? – Some of the things I can think of, I will be hard pressed by.

A mild political disturbance brings life to a standstill. Millions and hundreds of crores loss happens when one business day gets affected. What if my country was at war?

Of course the tax we paid for the development and maintenance of our country will be used. Also we will rush forward in support, send our old clothes and food packets. But how will we ensure not all in the affected areas are starving? What will happen to the daily labours and their family who work around our borders.

There are chances our association with other Nations will change. How will that affect our country and our economy? What about the Indians living in the countries which would or wouldn’t want to support us?

I Am Not Even Asking The NUCLEAR Question.

We have already asked our Soldiers to hold pride of the country high and if need be put down his life.

How many lives will be affected because of my that one request?

WAR – To be or not to be?

Shakespeare knew all the right questions!

I see people getting back to me with; should we sit idle? Wait for them to infiltrate? Let them take over?

My answer is an adamant NO.

In both scenarios lives will be lost. We need to minimize the damage. We need to find that path.

P.S. I am not sure why Fawad Khan was made a bigger human being than he actually is. He happily went back to enjoy the birth of his child. Our country’s security is not dependent on one Mr FK’s presence or absence. It is a much BIGGER matter. We shouldn’t be wasting our energies in trivialities.




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