Bollywood Limelight…..


Flipping channels one of the evenings, I caught media having a field day, with the Hindi film industry, rather some members of it.

It was riveting, the pride with which they claimed, they were the first to report the ‘breaking news’.

The news flash that stopped my restless fingers on the remote’s buttons was, #certainMANacquitted.

It was funny!

They had a panel, appalled / rejoicing at the verdict, each one biting the other’s head off, dare one say anything against their cause.

The channel flashed congratulatory tweets, by the people for the star in question, in bold letters, while the anchor insisted the panellists must go on with their criticism and accolades.

The panellists, bashed each other. Though all looked agitated, some had satisfied comments, while others antagonized. It was difficult to discern though, what with the tweets, and pop ups of the star, leaving and entering the court of law, not the live feeds, but file videos of his many previous visits.

Who was against and for, was anyone’s guess because all had similar expressions and pointing fingers.

Depending on my sense of hearing, (sense of sight proving inefficient) the ones happy were being classified as Rich and Affluent ‘body’ lickers; body parts ranging from posterior to feet to sole. The unhappy ones were classified the fighters, strugglers, they seem to have given their life to the cause of “establishing equality of law for rich and poor, in the world; rather India”.

According to them it could only happen, if the hundreds of crores earning star was put behind bar. That would be justice.

Everyone is innocent unless proved guilty, did not apply.

He could NOT be innocent, though no one was able to prove him guilty.

He had to be punished, rendering his productivity and contribution to economy zero. He must be made a burden on the taxpayers.

Loss of a few thousand crores in GDP must be tolerated, because he supposedly, “purposely” slammed his vehicle on a shop, killing one person and injuring several.

Though these slammers had made it their life purpose the star get punished, I noted the victims had all moved on.

One injured who suffered limb fracture was rendered incapable of carrying on his labour’s job, went on in life, jobless, siring 13 children in 15 years.

Another victim, who actually was killed, his wife went on, married another man, gave birth to five more kids, while the dead man’s survivor now an adult, awaits; not justice but some monetary help of few lakh rupees from his father’s killer so that he can spend his life comfortably. Because his father was killed in a fluke incident and he was too young to educate himself and make himself capable of a decent living.

Few were untraceable and didn’t want to comment on the issue, but they admit over the years they have continued to watch the star’s movies.

The law enforcer’s do ‘think’ about these victims, but law does not require to compensate them, just punish the wrong doer. Law can only bless them to go on with their life.

Dilemma much?

In spite of blatant havoc why was the man acquitted?

The lawyers were able to find many loopholes in the investigations. From issues of volume of blood sample taken to lack of cohesive eyewitnesses to statements of all involved parties had not been recorded.

Also the usual case had not been filed for the accident but the law bearers had created and built up a case with sections and subsections which are not ‘norms’. Were they making an example of the star?

Finally, the court refused to hear the case that had been built with additional sub sections.

If law bearers would have stuck to the basic, there might have been a chance, that he might have got the right punishment.

The act makes you question.

Is he being targeted just because he has money?

It was too much action. My 48” flat screen, just about managed to squeeze in the people.

To help my sense of sight, and not strain my television I flipped the channel.

Only to find, the next news anchor claiming they were the first to inform the audience that it has been brought to light by a top notch government investigation agency of India, that another ‘star’ kid had abetted his girlfriend’s suicide, by making her undergo abortion.

The abortion, rather the pregnancy – she was scared about.

Not only this man, then approximately 21-22 years old, encouraged abortion, but to stop the haemorrhaging reached into this woman’s body and extricated the “pea sized” foetus of four weeks. He did not stop there but went on to flush the extract, down the toilet.

A procedure, for which trained professional require training and surgical instruments, this 21-year-old star kid managed with his bare hands.

This was not the action that killed the woman. Rather the cruelty of the action, emotionally distressed the woman, propelling her towards depression leading to suicide.

This case has been cracked to be so by a Government agency.

The claims rattle in the head of a layman; will it not be a tall task proving it in a court room which requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, to prove the boy’s involvement.

And then the ‘blind’ law is accused of looking at rich and underprivileged differently.

Theoretically, knowing an influential person’s lifestyle, especially in India, I can assume the people against whom the cases have been lodged have been involved in the delinquency.

But also knowing the way India and Indians believe it their birth right to turn twist tamper tweak thwart law, penal codes, regulations for sole self-interest, sheer supposition should never ever be allowed to hold and judgements be passed on their basis.

One can’t imagine the chaos ‘simple truths’ will lead to.

What is needed?

Stringent, strict, scientific and responsible investigation methods which are meticulously followed. There is no chance of error because always there is a life on the line. Dead or alive.




PS: The article is not to support or speak against any judgements passed or cases pending, but to highlight the need of the hour which is a scientific, uninfluenced, accountable, investigation methods.







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