Bloody strays in coconut grove…

I was uncomprehending, when I first saw the images.

Shocking, gruesome, piles of bleeding dead pups, in all colours and sizes.

On referring to various sources, I came to know, of the outrage among the people against stray dogs, in one of Indian states.

There had been cases of ferocious attacks by some dogs, supposedly rabid. Hence, the anger towards the species and their merciless killing.

It seemed Wrong on so many counts!

I am not a dog lover. Though my family did own several dogs, in various stages of my life.

I remember; I was, maybe approximately four, we used to feed couple of stray dogs, who would come to our campus. One day, one of those dogs bit my brother, while he was feeding it.

My parents, took my brother to doctor, where he was prescribed fourteen injections. Also, the doctor asked us to keep an eye on the dog and make sure he was not rabid.

My brother duly finished with the course of injections, and we continued feeding that dog, until one day, years later it stopped coming to us.

That was how Humans behaved, twenty five years ago.

How did the species, Homo sapiens, ‘evolve’ this far, in mere 25 years?!!

Despite having a Masters in Life science, I fail to understand.

Is this, an incident to prove the theory of, ‘survival of the fittest’?

Rather, ‘… filthiest’.

Has the Evolution, changed the social animal, into something beyond, ANIMAL?

There are other organisms, which harm, or pose danger to human race. There are snakes, endangered tigers, the bull racing in Spain is evidence of aggressive nature of bovines. The cow family. It’s not like, a cow never hurt a human.

But, no one dares go near a snake, unless it’s alone and we in hordes. With a meter long stick in our hands. We understand it very well, those snakes can bite back, and rest will be history.

No one dares touch a tiger in the light of day, no matter it’s a man eater or not, because they know the Government will be breathing down their neck.

Of course, most of us are already advocating ban on killing of cows, considering its holy living organism.

Who decided, a dog’s life was not holy?

If anyone believes, it’s not, may I know, why?

If one reads newspapers, you come to know, there are humans killing each other. There is more than a sporadic incident.

You see it all, mothers killing children, husbands killing wives, someone killed three kids, because he was in love with their single mother. The mother couldn’t reciprocate his feeling, because she had responsibilities. The man decided, to kill those ‘responsibilities.’

No one went about killing these murderers.

Why would anyone bother taking law in their hand? Law shall punish the guilty. Isn’t it?

Since, penal codes are not applicable to dogs, kill them.

Become yamraj and decide, who shall live and who dies.

They killed, just because the pups couldn’t fight back. There was no one to protect them.

How do you categorize these people and their supporters?

And they had the audacity to display their killings, in the most ugly, vilest, cruel way possible. Piling them on top of each other, like they had been no more than, garbage.

Disgraceful! How low can they stoop?

I might hear arguments, these animals were hazardous, that they posed danger. Humans deserve priority over dogs. They must be safeguarded.

Who is to judge, whose life is more important?

Who actually faced and succumbed to hazard?

I wouldn’t believe, the people of that state, didn’t have, high priced, pure breed, pet dogs. Does anyone attempt killing them?

Let them try and then escape scot-free.

How can one dog be precious, not a finger can be raised to it, and the next dog can be tortured and killed? And then amassed like they were in those gory images.

Who were these Hitlers, and which country are they planning to rule by imitating him.

A cowardly act. Beneath dignity of the lowest life forms.

Unthinkable, unfathomable, intolerable, unforgiveable.

I wouldn’t request the killers to not do it. If they had the rationale, they wouldn’t have done it, in the first place.

I would rather, someone did something!

There are laws and guidelines for protection of animals as well, only no one sees to it that they are implemented.

Every problem, has solution.

US has strays as well. They just are not seen on the roads.

Couldn’t we have arrangements like that?

There are ample dog lovers. Even stray dog lovers. Couldn’t they do something?

As for the ones already dead, even I await justice.

Like we await justice for the killed child…, …children…, …wife… and others, I await justice for the puppies, who had to suffer the worst possible fate.

May their soul rest in peace.

P.S.: I am not going to turn into a dog lover overnight. Nor their advocate.

But as a human being, supposedly, the highest life form, I can abide by the principle of, Live and let live!

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