The Mystery, that isn’t…

Sheena Bora ‘alleged’ murder mystery!

Enough is being said, yet this is only the beginning. Just an introduction to a tale, that has caught every writer’s imagination, and made their mouths water. Innumerable authors’ pens and laptops would be beckoning them, to make all the characters their own. Well, it is an inspiring mystery!

Like everyone else, my cords of intrigue are also playing, but more than the high society drama, I am mystified by the people’s especially, journalists’ shock.

Journalists, who know it all; the general public, who as members of the society are privy to the knowledge.

I was puzzled by the utter shock I saw in, all of them, when they discovered that most if not all “characters’ ” documents were shady, forged, false! Pun intended with ‘character’.

Identity proofs are the documents, which carry a person’s information. The information, that makes them sitting ducks, if disclosed.

Isn’t that true, illegitimate law in India, that, these documents of proofs, be it the birth certificate, the driving licence, PAN card, the latest, Aadhar card (that is issued to any person who happens to carry some 11 digit number, the number could have been assigned to you, but you need not be the person who receives the proof document. Someone else, can easily possess all your personal details!) In India, all the above mentioned proofs can be got, and in as many different original versions as you want.

Each and every Indian; educated, uneducated and getting educated, knows, is aware, that it’s absolute norm that Birth certificates, Driving licence any and every other proof of identification can be got, with minimal hassle and minimum amount of money.

When India weeps over Onions, the ones who can afford it and the ones who cannot; Indians know, if there is anything they can get unquestionably are, forged / doctored documents.

So, why the shock?

Shock at Indrani’s age on record; years of marriages and divorces; name of Sheena’s parents!

I curiously await name of one person, who doesn’t know, that we live in a society which has generations with documents to prove they are younger than their actual age.

Entire population has younger Birth certificate! All in hope, that they will have opportunity of longer run in Government jobs. Or, these younger certificates enables them to attempt competitive exams at an advanced age, than what is stipulated.

Then why was anyone, shocked at Indrani’s papers and employed so many news hours to break it to us! We know it, don’t we? It happens!

I consider arguments, that those documents are lies about parentage that should have been respected; relationships that should have been nurtured; taken for granted facts, when furnished anywhere; so they should have been true, for greater good.

Hence, it’s absence classifies the person dishonest at par with criminals.


Isn’t it norm again in India, to hide facts about illegitimate kids, out of wedlock children. Being divorced is a stigma, having been molested is taboo.

Whoever in our society admits to having kids out of wedlock? If a marriage has been short lived isn’t it practice to erase it from history.

In Arranged as well as Love marriages, it is a practice to hide being acquainted to opposite gender, non-platonically. If disclosed, husbands and wives forever live in suspense whether or not their spouse still have feelings for their ‘past’.

To have feeling is equivalent to cheating, one can hardly expect to be in touch, or meet over coffee as acquaintances with fond memories of each other.

We live in a society where to sustain marital harmony husbands keep from their wives, the information, that they have failed to give up smoking!

Each one has an ideal image to live up to, and the slightest ding in the image is not tolerated.

It is absolutely necessary for survival, one burns their past.

So, why the shock, when Indrani was found to have done the same?

Her past; a girl in her early twenties when she became a mother. No family or education to support her. If she tried to pave way for herself by practicing Indian norms, why was it a blow to the reporters’ and news channels’ sensibilities, when they ‘discovered’ it?

P.S.: Indrani guilty of murder or not, is not my discussion. Nor if Sheena and many others were wronged.

I am only mystified by the shock of journalists and reporters, who are aware, as well as you and me, that having documents with wrong information, half-truths is not a mystery to be delved on!

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery, that isn’t…

  1. ‘Fantastic article. You couldn’t have captured it better.

    India loves to pretend that it is like any other first world nation and expresses documented shock on events that happen everyday. It’s polite to be shocked.

    There is not a single document (with the exception of the passport) that cannot be forged or obtained at a bribe in broad daylight. Engineers are graduating at 20, how could anyone obtain 16 years of formal education by the age of 20? You’d have to be a 4 year old in the 1st standard and you were probably in Kindergarten before you could walk.

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