Surgical Strikes have me Spell bound…

A mild political disturbance brings life to a standstill. Millions and hundreds of crores loss happens when one business day gets affected. What if my country was at war? … More Surgical Strikes have me Spell bound…


Hindustan Times, Ranchi, Reviews my debut novel- THE ROSE BUSH

Delighted to share with all, what Hindustan Times said about THE ROSE BUSH.   Happy Me 🙂 Get your copy today!!! The novel is available on KINDLE version also available on          

Bollywood Limelight…..

Flipping channels one of the evenings, I caught media having a field day, with the Hindi film industry, rather some members of it. It was riveting, the pride with which they claimed, they were the first to report the ‘breaking news’. The news flash that stopped my restless fingers on the remote’s buttons was, #certainMANacquitted. … More Bollywood Limelight…..